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Habitat For Humanity

As a volunteer and later Public Relations Chairwoman for the Habitat for Humanity Illinois State University chapter, I was able to make my experience into an internship. I started by assisting the president with any marketing, PR, and social media work and ended up creating the Public Relations Chair on the Habitat for Humanity ISU Executive Board. Within that role, I was able to bring the organization into the 21st century by implementing new techniques to promote the group on campus and online. 

The Habitat for Humanity 5k Media List

How To Share Habitat For Humanity Information on Social Media

Public Relations Chair Responsibilities, Ideas, Instructions, and Information

Social Media Calendar:

  • Stay a week ahead

  • Use for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

  • Mention the idea or theme

  • Highlight when a post is complete and live



  • Post at least three times a week

  • Follow everyone who follows within 48 hours of an event

  • Screen followers

  • Students, Parents, Volunteers, ISU affiliated, Staff, Habitat affiliated, community-based

  • Hashtags for Habitat

  • Share to Twitter and Facebook

  • Ivan The Habitat Huskey post when he is present

  • Recognize RSOs and Greek Life a week before they build and after

  • Keep up with post insights in the Instagram post insight sheet

  • Planning your week post on Sundays with meeting and build and event info for the week


Ivan The Habitat Dog:

  • Ryan XXXX is Ivan’s Dad and is an associate at Habitat for Humanity McLean County Restore

  • Ryan’s Instagram is @XXXXXXX

  • Ryan XXXXXX cell phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX

  • Dog is Ivan

  • Middle name: Irwin

  • Half Siberian Huskey Half Aussie Shepard

  • Age: 1.5 years

  • Favorite toy is Mr. Froggy

  • Instagram handle: @ivanthehabitathuskey



  • Dive into Twitter

  • Tweet every day that is not from Instagram

  • Hashtags for Habitat

  • Recognize RSOs and Greek Life a week before they build and after



  • Community events

  • Pictures

  • More in-depth information

  • Answer messages

  • Recognize RSOs and Greek Life a week before they build and after


Hashtags for Habitat:

  • List

  • Add to every social media post

  • Manage active and inactive posts

  • Hashtag for each event

  • Hashtag for collaboration

  • Creative Hashtags

  • Hashtags for meetings

  • Hashtags for stand out things

  • Ongoing hashtags



  • Keep list up to date

  • Add sponsor every time

  • Record interactions and other details

  • Recognize on social media



  • House Update

  • Builder/Volunteer of the month

  • Sponsor recognition

  • RSO/Greek life build recognition

  • Events and Fundraisers

  • Community information


Media List:

  • Date

  • Name of the company

  • Type of Outlet

  • Company address

  • Company phone number

  • Company Email

  • Company Publics

  • Company social media info

  • Name of person worked with

  • Person’s title/position

  • Person’s email

  • Person’s phone number

  • Person’s social media into

  • The last time you worked together

  • How the last correspondence went

  • What we have sent them


To Do:

  • Clean up Instagram Page

  • Clean up Twitter Page

  • Clean up Facebook Page

  • Change the bio and information on Facebook

  • Change bio on Twitter

  • Change bio on Instagram

  • Go through Instagram and Twitter followers

  • Go through accounts followed on Instagram and Twitter

  • Contact Ryan about events to get Ivan involved

  • Change Social Media Passwords

  • Team Portraits

  • Contact WZND about Habitat Hour

  • Put all pictures for each event in its own folder

  • Take Mimi off as admin

  • Take Zoe off as admin

  • Check “Canva” account

  • Make “Poll Everywhere” account to have people text in answers to questions

  • Look into a texting app “Text Free: Texting + Calling” for personal Habitat phone number

  • Press Release that ISU HAD their first build day

  • Make full contact list

  • Make full sponsor list

  • Make full media list

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