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Media Connections

Over the years I have learned how to increase brand engagement over social media through campaigns, hashtags, mentions, likes, comments, shares, and replies. As a result, I have received engagement from public figures and companies on several social media posts. Here is a gallery of some of the social media connections I have made.

Target's Account "AskTarget" Liked and Replied To My Tweet

Target's sister account, "AskTarget" liked and replied to my tweet which mentions the company.

Hulu Liked and Commented on My Reply

Hulu's Twitter account liked and commented on my reply to their tweet.

Kalen Allen Likes and Replies To My Tweet

Actor, comedian, and Ellen DeGeneres Show staff member, Kalen Allen liked and commented on my tweet in which I mentioned him.

SweeTARTS Reply On Twitter

SweeTARTS replied to my tweet in which I mention the company.

Fusion Brew Commented On My Instagram Post Mentioning Their Business

Coffee and tea café "Fusion Brew" commented on my Instagram post in which I mentioned their business.

"The Bold Type" Liked and Quoted My Tweet

The TV show "The Bold Type's" Twitter account liked and quoted to my tweet in which I mentioned them.

Chrissy Teigen Liked My Reply

Chrissy Teigen liked my reply to her tweet in which was later deleted by Chrissy Teigen on 1/1/2018.

Podcast Producer Miles Bonsignore Liked My Tweet

"Try Guys" Podcast Producer, Miles Bonsignore liked my tweet in which I mentioned him in.

Illinois State University's Career Center Mentioned Me on Instagram

After getting hired by the YWCA in McLean County, the Career Services Center at Illinois State University mentioned me on their Instagram page.

Graham's Chocolates and Ice Cream Liked and Commented On My Instagram Post

The establishment, "Graham's Chocolates and Ice Cream" liked, commented, and asked to use my photo I took and posted to Instagram on their own page after I mentioned them in my post.

Félicité Tomlinson Liked and Replied To My Comment On Her Facebook Post

Late aspiring fashion designer, influencer, and member of boyband One Direction Louis Tomlinson's younger sister commented on my reply to her Facebook Post.

Octopus Arm Awareness Liked and Commented My Tweet

Parody account, Octopus Arm Awareness commented and liked my tweet in which I mentioned octopi.

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