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Visual Works

Here you will find a gallery of my professional and personal visual graphics, art, edits, and social media content. Photos from professional experiences are also displayed. Click on a stack of photos to take a look!

Social Media Content

Professional Experience

I Got Hired at YWCA McLean County!
The YWCA Intern Group
The North Pole Check-In
Co-Hosting Open Mic Night
The Her Campus Photoshoot
Representing "TWLOHA" at January Welcome Week
Representing Habitat For Humanity at Welcome Week
The River's Promotion Van
On-Site Representing "The River"
Onsite Set-Up For The River
Her Campus Photoshoot
Hosting "Mimi in The Morning"

Photography Edits

Blue Skies Before Editing
Blue Skies After Editing
Sunflower Photoshoot Before Editing
Sunflower Photoshoot After Editing
Bumper to Bumper Before Editing
Bumper to Bumper After Editing
Facial Before Editing
Facial After Editing 1
Facial After Editing 2
Facial After Editing 3
Facial After Editing 4
Facial After Editing 5
The Starry Night Before Editing
The Starry Night After Editing
Victory Pose Before Editing
Victory Pose After Editing
My Favorite Place In The World After Editing
My Favorite Place In The World After Editing
The Bean Before Editing
The Bean After Editing
Self-Portrait with Straw Hat Before Editing
Self-Portrait with Straw Hat After Editing
Glowing Giraffe Before Editing
Glowing Giraffe After Editing
Dazed and Confused Before Editing
Dazed and Confused After Editing
Harry Styles Concert Before Editing
Harry Styles Concert After Editing
Take Up Space
I'm Gonna Show You Crazy
Vision Board


Media and Graphics

5 Facts About Habitat
Habitat Fact #1
Habitat Fact #2
Habitat Fact #3
Habitat Fact #4
Habitat Fact #5
Festival ISU Invite
Festival ISU Invite
Festival ISU Map
COM 302 Activity 1 Personality Magazine
Mimi In The Morning
Pirate King Productions Logo
The History of the PRSA Code of Ethics
Map of Laurie Dann's Attacks

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